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Nutraingredients - Ingredients That Target Menopause and PCOS

Nutraingredients - Ingredients That Target Menopause and PCOS

Nutraingredients published a feature in January 2022 about the launch of Nourished’s PCOS and Menopause Lifestacks, which saw the introduction of two new inclusions, Soy Isoflavones and Inositol. 

Nourished Introduces Ingredients That Target Menopause and PCOS

“Isoflavones and inositol are the latest expansion in the UK-based company’s portfolio of custom nutrients.”

“Personalized health tech company Nourished has introduced two new ‘super ingredients’ to help support women’s health. After completing an in-depth consultation quiz to assess health needs, users receive recommended vitamins tailored to specific health needs, including Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and menopause.”

“Isoflavones and inositol can now be added into the brand’s vitamin blends, which uses patented 3D printing technologies to create personalized vitamin stacks.”

“It is important to us at Nourished to destigmatize women’s health issues and offer impactful and effective solutions to allow women to take control of their symptoms. We can no longer neglect health issues by not talking about them, rather, we want to expand the currently limited information on treatments that help women combat PCOS and menopause. Women should not be left to manage their own health with a lack of knowledge of what they are going through.”

Read the full feature by clicking the link here.   

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