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Vouge - Here’s How To Banish The January Blues

Vouge - Here’s How To Banish The January Blues
Nourished’s CEO and Founder, Melissa Snover, was featured in a Vogue article looking at mental health advice for coping with the January blues.

This Year, The January Blues Seem Turbo-Charged. Here’s How To Banish Them…

“Melissa Snover, registered nutritionist, and founder of 3D-printed personalised vitamin brand Nourished.”

“What you eat can have a direct influence on how you feel mentally. Whilst in the wintertime we may naturally crave salty or processed ‘comfort foods’, it’s important to incorporate fresh plant-based meals as much as possible and to fuel your body. Foods such as mushrooms, and fortified cereals and juices are all great as they contain high levels of vitamin D which is more important in winter due to less direct sunlight and shorter days. Foods like salmon, seeds, and nuts – which are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids – are great for your mental health and cognitive function, which is vital as we can be more prone to brain fog and low moods during wintertime.”

“Tailoring your vitamin and mineral intake can be a great way to boost your energy levels, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing. Nutrients that people struggle to obtain naturally in their diets, and which are linked with positive moods and boosted energy levels, include Maca Powder, which is derived from the roots of a Peruvian vegetable. Ashwagandha extract from a flower native to India and Southeast Asia; amino acid 5-HTP; and Vitamin B12 are also great at reducing stress and supporting mental wellbeing. Vitamin B12 supplements are especially important for those on a plant-based diet this ‘Veganuary’ as it is not found naturally in plants. All of these can be found in Nourished personalised vitamin stacks.”

Read the full feature by clicking the link here.   

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