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Three quarters of US report suffering energy dips between meals

Three quarters of US report suffering energy dips between meals

We all know – and hate – the feeling… the gap between breakfast and lunch turns into a yawning chasm, that 3pm headache starts to kick in, and you’re fidgeting in your office chair by 5.15pm, dreaming of takeout. Energy dips between meals are a common problem for many, with 79% of those asked reporting them. So, what can you do about those pesky slumps?

Diet and lifestyle play an essential role in energy levels – there’s a range of vitamins and nutrients which your body needs in order to maintain your energy levels, as well as a whole host of lifestyle factors that impact this too.

Feeling weak and struggling to make it through the day?

Your iron levels could be low. Iron deficiency is more common than you think, with levels on the rise across the USA[i], so ensuring you are eating the right amount of iron rich food, or supplementing your iron intake, could help with those feelings of weakness. 

The most likely cause of an afternoon-slump is low blood sugar

This can leave you feeling shaky, sleepy and irritable. One cause of this could be too many carbs – this can lead to a spike in blood sugar and the inevitable slump that follows. Opting for slow-release carbs and making sure every meal has protein and fiber too can help negate this. Snacking between meals is fine, just make sure to choose a healthy option containing fiber and protein like hummus and carrots rather than snaffling down handfuls of high carb chips!

Resist quick energy fixes 

When your energy dips between meals, it can be all too tempting to reach for a candy bar, energy drink or cup of coffee, but any of these options will provide a quick burst of energy, followed by an even BIGGER slump. Caffeine might perk you up in the short term but can end up leaving you feeling more tired, and anxious too. Instead try a natural energy booster such as ginseng, a herb used for centuries in many cultures for energy, and which has been found in studies to reduce fatigue and improve overall mood[ii].

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that your body needs but can’t produce

B12 can be lacking in even the healthiest of diets, particularly if you’re vegan, and fortified foods and drinks or supplementation can help with this. Rich in energy boosting properties, weakness and fatigue are both common symptoms of a B12 deficiency; ensuring you are getting sufficient levels of B12 is essential to reducing those energy slumps.

Sleep pattern is crucial when it comes to curing energy dips

If you get too little sleep on a regular basis, the likelihood is you’re familiar with the feeling of fatigue. A regular bedtime and time to rise can help with this, as well as making sure to get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. There are supplements that have been shown to help improve sleeping patterns too – Scutell’Up, which has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, has been shown in studies to help improve sleep regularity[iii].  

Along with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet supplementation can help with dips in energy throughout the day. Nourished, inventor’s of the world’s first 3D printed, personalised gummy vitamin, offer a range of vitamins and nutrients that can help support your energy levels.

You can create your own in the Nourished Lab, choosing the ingredients you’d like to try, or take the quick online quiz; the proprietary algorithm takes into account your overall health, lifestyle and a range of other factors to recommend the seven high quality ingredients best suited to support you. Your nutrients are 3D printed fresh to order into a single daily vitamin stack which is sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free, free from all major allergens, and is delivered directly to your door in plastic-free packaging.

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