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Supporting the Nation

Supporting the Nation
At Nourished we have been committing our resources, time and skills to supporting key workers and vulnerable people in anyway we can.

We feel strongly that is our responsibility as a tech start-up in the nutrition industry to commit ourselves to the fight against the virus, and believe that as a nation we will recover by working together and supporting each other. 

Donations for Key Workers

At Nourished we aren’t just grateful for key workers; we are in awe of them! The way in which essential workers across the UK are supporting those most vulnerable during these difficult times is nothing but heroic, and we want to say THANK YOU!

In aid of Big Night in on BBC One, which was a collaboration of Children in Need and Comic Relief to celebrate key workers and raise money to support them, we ran a special donation. For every box Nourished which was ordered on that day, we donated a free box of Inner Defence and a free bottle of our hand sanitiser, Outer Defence to a key worker on the front line!

Free Hand Sanitiser 

As a certified food business with an onsite lab for developing new product ranges, we also turned our resources to making our own hand sanitiser. Our 'Outer Defence' was distributed for for free to all of our customers in their Nourished deliveries, and we are also donated them to various NHS units, care homes and local councils across the UK. 

Each of our hand sanitisers have been formulated with at least 60% alcohol to successfully destroy bacteria and viruses, aloe vera to help keep the hands soft and natural fragrances which smell incredible! We recommend that a drop of the hand sanitiser is massaged between both hands for at least 40 seconds for optimal effectiveness.

Helping Those in Need

As well as providing free hand sanitiser, we are also supplying our Inner Vitality blends at cost to various care homes. We have been informed that some residents, particularly those with dementia, struggle to take their vitamins and supplements each day in pill format. Our Inner Vitality Life Stack is 3D printed in our delicious vegan gummy gel, making it both enjoyable and easy to consume. Each one contains seven active ingredients formulated to replenish the body with essential nutrients and boost natural capabilities which can help to keep anyone particularly susceptible to viruses protected from the inside.

3D Printing Visors 

At Nourished we are experts in 3D printing, and are using our skills to 3D print visors. They are being made to the DtM-v3.0 face shield design, which has been reviewed and approved for use by the USA National Institutes of Health (NIH). We are currently donating them for free to our local council in Birmingham who are distributing them on wherever necessary. 

At Nourished we are a small team, reduced further by the impacts of the virus, but we continue to utilise our own resources, time and budgets to help support key front line workers wherever possible. If you have an idea of how we can help someone in your community, please let us know by emailing customerlove@get-nourished.com.


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