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Vitamin angels - we're matching donations to support moms

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A mother’s love is strong. Nutrition gives her the health to match. That’s why Nourished is proud to support Vitamin Angels, in helping improve health and nutrition for underserved pregnant women and young children worldwide.

Did you know that one-half of the world's population lacks basic healthcare services? When nutritional support is out of reach during the early stages of a child's life, this can create a cycle of poverty, poor health and adverse well-being across generations.

During pregnancy, nutrition is more important than ever and your daily consumption of certain nutrients may require an increased dosage when compared to the recommended amount in a non-pregnant woman. For instance, certain sources highlight the importance of folic acid in a pregnant mother's diet and how this could prevent certain child defects. The same source also suggests that the recommended daily dosage of folic acid should be increased from 400mcg to 600mcg when pregnant [i].

Inefficient distribution, limited access to supplies/services as well as the affordability of nutritional products in certain areas of the world can all act as barriers to gaining adequate nutritional support for mothers and their children.

These issues also affect mothers and children within the UK too. 1 in 4 children in the UK are from low-income households and are at risk of food insecurity. Food-insecure families often resort to purchasing inexpensive foods that lack the required nutritional support for a child's early life.

It is clear that a mother’s health and nutrition before, during and after pregnancy are essential to the well-being of her child. That's why the work that Vitamin Angels do is so important.

The mission of Vitamin Angels is to help promote better health and well-being for mothers and children worldwide. They work with organisations and governments to provide scientifically-backed nutritional interventions, healthcare services and supplies for underserved mothers and young children around the world. This year alone they will be helping to nourish over 70 million mothers and children.

Vitamin Angels also provide healthy food to select nurseries around the UK that serve low-income families who would benefit from better nutrition. Supplementary feeding programmes can contribute to a well-rounded diet, helping children to grow up healthy and reach their full potential.

At Nourished, we believe everyone should have access to nutritional support. That’s why we proudly donate to Vitamin Angels on every order placed with Nourished and we are currently matching any donations to support mums around the world!

Through our continued partnership with Vitamin Angels, we've so far been able to reach over 70,411 mothers and children around the world thanks to the support of our customers.

This Mothers Day in the US, Vitamin Angels are running a 'Health Won't Wait' campaign from 29th April - to 2nd May to recognise how important and amazing mothers are. You can find out more about the 'Health Won't Wait' campaign by visiting their website here.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to read more of the studies, claims and references cited in this article then please visit the links below:
[i] https://medlineplus.gov/pregnancyandnutrition

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