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Vitamins Fit For Royalty, Introducing the Queen Bee Stack

Vitamins Fit For Royalty, Introducing the Queen Bee Stack
Introducing vitamins fit for Royalty!  In celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Nourished is proud to announce the release of our Queen Bee Stack, fit for queens and kings alike.

This ‘limited edition’ stack contains scientifically-backed ingredients to help with anything life throws at you. No matter your title, this blend of nutrients helps to enhance cognitive function and boost energy levels - perfect preparation for any professional and family endeavours.

The Queen Bee Stack can also help you to reign back the years, thanks to the powerful anti-ageing properties of resveratrol, keeping you feeling and looking younger, no matter your age!

Resveratrol is packed alongside lycopene, hydrocurc & black pepper, scutell’up, lactospore, vitamin B12 and vegan vitamin D3 into a single delicious gummy vitamin.

The Benefits of the Queen Bee Stack

Whilst the nation gets into the jubilee spirit and holds celebrations up and down the country Nourished has you covered with one delicious gummy vitamin, containing natural ingredients to help you stay energised. [i].

Being the boss in your 90s with countless public engagements is no mean feat, and that's why another powerhouse ingredient packed into the Queen Bee Stack is anti-age promoting resveratrol. One study found that supplementation of resveratrol could slow down cognitive decline by up to a decade [ii]. Additionally, multiple other studies have been conducted on resveratrol, with another finding that this ingredient can promote anti-ageing properties in the skin due to its effects on glycation [iii].

Whether your endeavours and appointments are royal or humble, keeping your skin protected against the harsh effects of the elements is so important.

One study into lycopene supplementation found that people could protect their skin against the sun's harmful UV rays within as little as 12 weeks, with another suggesting that lycopene could reduce the intensity and redness of sunburn [vi] [iv].

Our specially formulated vegan vitamin D3 is also included in the ingredient honours list. It brings a roster of potential health benefits, including immunity-boosting properties and strengthening the teeth and bones [vii]. Research also indicates that vitamin D can support the immune system by increasing the body’s T-cells [viii]. T-cells are referred to as white killer cells, and their role is to track down and destroy viruses in the body. If you would like to find out more about the role T-cells play in our body, then read our blog post here.

You can learn more about the additional health benefits of each of our ingredients from our ‘Nourishments Page’ here.

Each box of the Queen Bee contains x28 gummy vitamins and designed to be taken daily. Celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee by giving your body a royal remedy of premium active ingredients but be quick; the Queen Bee Stacks are available for a limited time only!

What to Learn More!

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*Not suitable for animal consumption.

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