The Hydrate Skinstack

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Meet our new 3D printed skin health dietary supplements developed to support healthy skin from within, based on your individual skin goals. Developed in collaboration with Neutrogena®, leaders in science-backed skincare for over 90 years, we’ve combined forces to create a 7-layer skin health supplement, powered by Neutrogena Skin360’s® digital skin assessment technology to access your skin and identify the right skin stack for you.

The Hydrate Skinstack is packed with skin-loving vitamins and nutrients like Astaxanthin and Biotin. Each box of The Hydrate Skinstack contains x28 skin health gummies, designed to be taken daily. Every nutrient stack is coated in a delicious and sugar-free flavor of your choosing.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the stacks contain sugar or allergens?
Our Nourished stacks are coated with erythritol which gives the stack a sweet taste. It also contains maltitol within the pectin gel formulation, but is most definitely sugar free. If you do have a specific allergy or have any questions please reach out to us at
How are the stacks made?
We 3D print all of our stacks, to order, using our special patented** technology, read more about our creations and printers on our blog here ** patent pending
What are the macronutrients & calories of the stacks?
** All nutritional values are on average Each 11g stack contains Calories - 25** Carbohydrates - 8g** Protein-0g Fat-0g
Are they suitable for restrictive diets?
Our pectin based encapsulation formula is 100% vegan, allergen free, Halal and Kosher friendly. All of our active ingredients are also sourced from high quality whole food and vegan sources.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
We spent time making sure all of our ingredients are naturally sourced, vegan and all from UK suppliers.