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Customer Case Study: Andrea

Customer Case Study: Andrea
Here at Nourished, we love helping our customers find bespoke nutritional solutions to enhance their lifestyle and optimise their goals. In this Customer Story, we chatted with Andrea whose health goals were more energy and good mental health.

1. What is your name? 


2. Why did you choose Nourished?  

I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain & fatigue, plus I live with depression. I'm trying a holistic approach to my health care and wanted to get better from the inside out. Nourished looked like a good option for me because I have to take several supplements and wanted to try combining some of them.   

3. Do you use a personalised stack or one of our pre-blend stacks?  


4. What are your health goals?    

Better overall health. More energy. Good mental health.    

5. How long have you been taking Nourished?    

I've almost finished my second month. My third pack is already here so I won't be trying the adjusted stack for a month yet.  

6. What are the benefits that you have felt since taking Nourished?   

Starting to feel more energy and mental clarity.    

7. How has Nourished helped?    

Nourished have been great. I contacted you to discuss adjusting my stack slightly based on my specific issues. Your customer team took the time to liaise with me and your science team to alter the stack to meet my needs. 

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