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Personalized nutrient gummies
Personalized nutrient gummies

Designed by you. Freshly made by us.

Personalized nutrient gummies

Answer a few questions about your lifestyle & goals to discover your unique 7 layer nutrient stack.


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A premium personalized gummy

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99.5% efficacy

Tried & tested, fresh 3D printed nutrients


Plastic free wrapping & fully compostable

Plant based

100% vegan and contains no nasties


Delivered to your door every 28 days

Sugar free

Natural alternative is so much better

3D printed

Ground-breaking, patented technology

Maintaining balance in your life is important

Maintaining balance in your life is important

At Nourished, we believe that if anything in the world should be personalized; it should be our health and wellness. Nourishing your mind and body with all the nutrients they may need could help to create more of a balanced way of life, whilst vitalising our appearance and wellbeing.

High absorption and efficacy Backed by science Freshly made-to-order
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Start your Nourished wellness journey

Nourished offers a variety of health benefits that range across our array of inclusions. Your freshly made stacks ensure that you will receive up to 99.5% of the nutritional value, which means that some of the benefits may begin making an impact right away, whilst others may occur with consistent vitamin consumption.

Month 1
After taking your Nourished stacks for around 4 weeks you may start to feel the revitalising impact of your bespoke stack. Your physical and mental well-being may well be on their journey to being nourished from the inside out, and there are lots more benefits to come!
Month 3
With Nourished an established part of your daily routine, your gummy stack is helping you to smash your goals and feeling the best version of yourself. Your own health should always be your top priority; so make sure you keep changing up your tailor-made Nourished stack to complement your evolving lifestyle.
Month 6
Not only may your body now be reaping the effects of your personalized nutrition regime; your bank account is likely counting on huge savings from not having to purchase all of your nutrients separately, and the environment isn’t suffering thanks to the plastic-free packaging!
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One of a kind people With one of a kind stacks

Emily's Journey

With 2 children and a flourishing career, keeping on top of her health can be difficult.

In Emily's Stack




Robert's Journey

An amateur runner always gunning for the next 1st place

In Robert's Stack




Olivia's Journey

A stationary job and long commute makes exercise and eating the right food everyday difficult.

In Olivia's Stack


Gut Health


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Freshly made premium quality ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from high-grade vegan whole food sources and lab-tested to ensure that every Nourishment is custom, quality and made to order.

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