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How it works

Each of your 7 inclusions will be 3D printed on demand into a daily, gummy stack. Each box contains 28 daily stacks.

Our subscriptions are hassle-free and fully flexible, so you can amend your stack and switch Nourishments as your lifestyle, needs and goals also change.

Eat one delicious stack per day. Your body consumes Nourished just like food, so you don’t need to take alongside a meal or glass of water.

Consistency is key

Never miss a day with our flexible monthly subscription, which ensures you never run low on your Nourished stacks.

Providing life-changing nutritional support.

We make a donation from every purchase which goes to Vitamin Angels UK. Through our partnership, we're committed to helping Vitamin Angels UK reach the communities most at-risk for malnutrition and food insecurity.

UK's highest rated vitamin

Nourished is the UK’s highest rated customer reviewed vitamin product across Feefo and Trustpilot. Awarded the 2021 Gold Trusted Service Award’.

Sustainably packaged

We've saved 3.5 tonnes of plastic waste - and counting! Our packaging is 100% plastic free and our home compostable wrappers nourish the earths soil.

High absorption & efficacy

Your personalized vitamins nourish you faster and more efficiently - with stacks getting to work as soon as you chew.

Sugar free

Our gummy vitamins are totally sugar-free. Their delicious sweet taste and sugar-like coating comes from the natural sweetener found in fruits!


At Nourished, we pride ourselves on a ‘No Nasties, Non-GMO’ approach when it comes to our gummy vitamins.

100% plant based

All of our ingredients & gummy vitamins are 100% plant based and naturally vegan & vegetarian friendly