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Award winning nutrition.

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Ben Stokes? Brexit? Boris? No! 2019 was our year.

Not only did we create the world’s first truly personalised nutrition product, we also launched exclusively into the UK and increased our team from just 4 employees to 25!

Since officially going live mid-October, we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers and their feedback has and always will be our most valued accolade.

However, winning awards amongst some truly innovative and inspiring competition has been an honour, and one worth reflecting upon as we enter 2020 (and, let’s be honest – who doesn’t like winning an award!)

Our first award in 2019 was granted at the prestigious Future Food Awards in London. This is a celebration of new brands and products who are revolutionising the food and drink industry.

We not only won the ‘Wild Card’ category but were also presented with the ‘Supreme Champion’ award, for our 3D printing technology, combining multiple vitamins and superfoods into delicious and bespoke gummy stacks.

Our team at Nourished have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to develop nutrition which has a higher impact, is more sustainable and more convenient than regular supplements. It was an honour to be recognised for the product we created by industry experts.

CEO and Founder Melissa Snover was also given the ‘Innovator Award’ at Birmingham’s Women in Tech Awards on the same day. Melissa has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 15 years and is passionate about creating sustainable and bespoke products using innovative technology.

She is an avid supporter of female entrepreneurship and particularly of women working in STEM, so winning this award was a very personal achievement, and a privilege to be amongst such inspirational contemporaries.

The Food Matters Summit is an international gathering which addresses the key issues facing the global food and drink community. Melissa was asked to speak on its panel where she gave an insight on how Nourished are creating sustainable nutrition through patented technology and by using 100% plastic free packaging.

Here we also won Best Food Tech Innovation of the Year in recognition of our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and allowing our customers to nourish the earth - as well as themselves!

Finally, in December we won Start-up Company of the Year at the Silicon Canal Awards in our home city of Birmingham. It meant so much to be acknowledged by our local community and to be part of a celebration of innovation and technology in a revitalised Birmingham.

This year has certainly had its up and downs and like all start-ups we have faced challenges, but mostly it has been incredibly exciting and rewarding. We are eternally grateful to our customers for giving us the opportunity to revolutionise the nutrition industry.

We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!

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