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Birmingham is the start-up capital of the UK!

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Research published recently has crowned Birmingham the UK's regional start-up capital for the sixth year in a row, with 14,509 start-ups formed in the city in 2019.

To cover the story, BBC Midlands visited Nourished production facility to interview Melissa Snover, our CEO and founder, to find out what makes Birmingham so attractive to young start-ups.

For us, that’s a simple answer.

Birmingham has a wealth of incredible skills from neighbouring businesses, talent from nearby universities and guidance from local authorities. There are several accelerators and incubators set up to help start-ups and SME’s to access professional, commercial and financial support to develop their business.

In addition to this, the rent is affordable (with office prices often less than half of London’s), the networking opportunities invaluable and the transport links to the rest of the UK are incredibly easy and convenient.

The city centre suburb of Digbeth, which is home to Nourished, is an exciting and thriving community of start-ups and creative agencies. Digbeth is renowned for the vibrant and imaginative graffiti art which covers it’s walls and viaducts, and most recently has been made iconic for it’s links to the Peaky Blinders’ TV series.

Melissa, who is originally from New York, often compares Digbeth to Brooklyn ‘before it got expensive’, for its creative flair, hipster vibe and delicious street food!

At Nourished, we are proud to be Brummies and are passionate about celebrating and supporting local businesses and talent. We have worked hard to bring the most personalised, premium and sustainable nutrition product to the UK market, which has been made possible by the community which surrounds us!

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