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How to stay healthy and keep your cool while travelling.

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Nothing brings us together like travel talk. Where are you off to next? Where’s your favourite place? Are you summering in Zurich or Vienna this year?

Whether it’s for business, leisure or visiting faraway relatives, we all love a good excuse to jet away for a few days. There’s a wondrous world out there waiting to be discovered. If you’re ready to see it for yourself rather than watching others do it through social media, now’s the time; book that ticket and pack those bags.

But staying healthy while travelling is not so easy, especially if you’ve got a crammed schedule. Luckily, feeling fresh doesn’t have to be a struggle, with a few clever hacks and simple tips.

Travel easier with technology

Before we look into the body, let’s look at the lifestyle.

Firstly, getting around: it’s challenging to stay organised and keep up with your personal admin when your life is up in the air. Busy schedules, social visits and a manic desire to see every attraction in the city can cause a distinct overwhelmed feeling. So let technology take the burden.

You’ll surely already know about Uber and Lyft, and while these can be supremely convenient (and safer than hailing a cab on the street), if you’re going more than a few miles at ground level, prices can add up quickly. Public transport is a superb option (and is the more environmentally-friendly choice, of course), and isn’t the headache you might imagine - even if you’re not a native speaker. Both Rome2Rio and Citymapper tackle this by doing the planning for you. Just enter your location and destination, and they’ll serve up entire routes for you, sorted by price, time and comfort factors. No more scratching your head trying to work out why there seem to be two M10 lines (thanks, Paris).

In fact, pretty much all your travel needs are covered by apps and technology these days.

Want to find other travellers? Nomad List.

Need an office or coworking space for the day? Croissant.

Simpler tech will help you, too: a neck pillow for aeroplane sleeping can improve your day ten-fold, especially if you’re flying overnight - the flimsy airline pillows are rarely firm enough for a decent rest.

And what about an upgrade? Maybe not business class, unless you’re comfortable with the significant expense. But adding priority boarding, at least, can be a real stress-reliever, especially if you’ve got a young family in tow.

Finally, set your own pace as much as you can. Stress can mean less enjoyment and higher chance of getting run down.

Even if you’re visiting a dream destination and want to get the most out of your trip, it’s still a great idea to include at least one day with nothing planned. Sleeping late and exploring a new place with no particular agenda is a relaxing treat no traveller should miss out on.

Eat, drink and moisturise

So that’s the external tips. Now let’s focus on the body - specifically, what to put in it.

It almost goes without saying, but cutting down on the booze, sugar and caffeine is going to leave you feeling much better throughout your trip.

That’s not to say don’t indulge now and then, but overdoing it is likely to leave you feeling tired, dehydrated and bloated. The last thing you want is to ruin your dream trip or important presentation by having a hangover. Hydration is always key to having healthy skin, metabolism and overall well-being, so a bottle of fresh water, coconut water or electrolyte drink should be on your person at all times.

And as for your meals, enjoy the local food as much as you can, but stay sensible.

If you’re in Italy you’ll want to eat pizza, pasta and breads, of course, but you might want to add some roasted vegetables to the mix - your gut will thank you the next day.

In most global cities, you’re never more than five minutes away from a smoothie or juice bar. While it’s worth keeping an eye on the ingredients for high sugar contents, they can be a convenient and tasty way to top up fruit, fibre and protein. And they can cool you right down in the sweltering heat - a healthier option than ice cream.

And as well as diet, a good skincare routine can do wonders for your wellbeing. Being on a plane for long periods of time can really dry out your skin, so you could try sleeping in a moisturising face mask, or at least applying some moisturiser a few times during the flight. Your skin will feel fresh and rejuvenated when you land.


While your mind is occupied with the joys and challenges of travel, it can be hard to make sure you’re taking in the right nutrients. Supplementation, then, is the most convenient way to ensure your body gets what it needs.

Increasing your intake of certain active ingredients when you travel will really help your digestive and immune health. Probiotics and ginger should help your gut health especially when dealing with unfamiliar cuisines.

Ginger works well with turmeric too, which together should help reduce swelling (great for long flights where you can’t move so much) and general inflammation.

These can all be added to your personalised stack of Nourishments. You can change them at any time too, so if you’re planning a big trip, make sure to pack your holiday stack as well as your suitcase!

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