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How to stay productive when working from home

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The nation’s workforce is being encouraged to work from home wherever possible to comply with the government's latest guidelines to manage the current health crisis. For many industries this is an unprecedented change and workers across the UK are re-adjusting to turning their home into their office.

What can you do to stay productive? How do you stop yourself getting distracted by puppy videos on Facebook? And how do you prevent yourself heading to the fridge every 20 minutes? Read our hints and tips below to help you get the most out of working from home!

Set your Routine

1. Try to keep to your normal routine as much as possible. Even though you are no longer having to commute, try to get up around the same time as you usually would. Perhaps use the extra time in your morning for your daily exercise outside or complete a quick home workout – the endorphins will certainly set you up for the day ahead!

2. Washing your hands is vital, but don’t neglect the rest of you! Taking a shower, getting dressed (not back into your pjs!) and brushing your teeth each morning before you start work will help you to feel refreshed and in the zone.

3. Take a break for lunch. When you’re sat at your desk all day it’s easy just to snack or eat your lunch at your laptop. Taking a break away from your work, preferably in another room, will help your mind to rest, refresh and re-focus ready for the afternoon.

4. Maintain your work-life balance. It’s can be difficult to ‘turn off’ from work without your commute, but set a guideline for when you will finish each day and try to stick to it.

Communication is Key!

1. Working on team projects can be tricky when everyone is working remotely. Stay in touch with your colleagues with Whatsapp, Slack, Trello or any software which works for you.

2. Hold frequent conference calls with your team (particularly on a Monday and Friday) so you can stay updated on everyone’s projects and set your priorities for the coming week.

Manage your Stress

For many companies, the current national uncertainty and government protocols  has meant that business strategies and goals have had to suddenly change. This can undoubtedly cause stress and anxiety but try to remain positive wherever possible. Aim to make adaptations within your business to help the current situation, and research new methods to help market your product or services. Being proactive and planning will help to relieve pressure in the long run.

With all non-essential external meetings and work trips being cancelled and your colleagues all working remotely (and therefore less likely to distract you with office gossip!) you will most likely have a bit of extra time. Use this wisely to finally clear your inbox and finish your to do list; you may be surprised by your sense of achievement!

Looking after your mental wellbeing during these difficult times is essential. Certain vitamins and superfoods have been known to help combat stress such as B12, Hydrocurc and Black Pepper Extract and Resveratrol. Active ingredients such as Ginseng, Maca Powder and Ashwagandha Extract can also be powerful in helping to naturally increase concentration, improve cognitive health and boost energy levels; all of which will help to enhance your productivity when working from home.

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