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How to teach your kids about environmental issues

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We all know the environment is important, and many of us want to teach our kids about environmental issues, but it can seem an overwhelming topic to discuss.

It’s been reported[i] that four out of every five young people say the problem of climate change is important to them. Almost three out of four eight to 16 year olds are worried about the state of the planet right now, with over a fifth saying they are very worried.

19% of the young people surveyed confessed to bad dreams about climate change, with 17% saying their concerns have effected their sleeping or eating habits. This is particularly concerning in an unusual year which has seen more than it’s fair share of worry across the world.

First things first – we know it’s hard, but start the conversation

As young activists such as Great Thunberg and Mari Copeny take the world’s stage, and young people all over the globe take part in protests, it’s impossible to imagine your kids will be able avoid environmental issues, and the worry that can sometimes come with them. By just having an open, honest conversation about the environment you may just find their worries are a little eased.

Next, find out what they already know

You’re child may be much better informed than you think – or they may have seen a terrifying statistic on the news that they just can’t stop thinking about since. Either way, you won’t know until you ask; you can dispel any misinformation they may have picked up, and you might even learn a thing or two yourself!

Get your facts straight

You might find it helpful to look up some answers to common questions before broaching the subject. This could include a clear explanation of exactly what climate change is, things we can all do to help the environment, or calm, measured responses to scary questions such as is the world going to end, or will I have a future.

Work together on an eco plan for your home

By actively involving your child in environmentally friendly activities you already do, such as recycling or composting, you can help to soothe any niggling worries as they feel they are having a positive impact. Together, research ways you can make your home more eco-friendly – even if it’s as simple as switching to eco-friendly cleaning products or putting in place a water saving plan, your child will feel invested.

At Nourished, we know that the environmental impact of the products we buy is important, and we’ve kept that in mind throughout every step of our process.

Our plastic-free packaging, designed to keep your high impact gummies fresh, is made exclusively from eco-friendly materials. Our wrappers are home compostable, our box recyclable – even the inks and glue we use have been specially formulated to ensure minimum carbon footprint.

What’s more, 98% of the ingredients used are from the UK, we have a zero single use plastic production process, and printing to order means very little wastage. We’re passionate about taking care of you, and the planet too – learn more about our sustainability credentials here.


[i]All statistic quoted from https://www.bbc.co.uk.


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