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Turn your self-isolation into self-improvement!

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The outbreak of corona virus within the UK has created a huge amount of concern, panic and uncertainty.

However, at Nourished we remain committed to our cause and optimistic about the future. We believe that by supporting each other, being creative and getting back to basics; we can make the most out of this challenging situation.

With the new government protocols now requiring the nation stay at home wherever possible, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to make your self-isolation less about the things you can’t do and more about the things you can and finally have time to do!

Tick off your ‘To Do’ List!

Use spare time at home to finally check off those things that always seem to be on the bottom of your list. Whether it’s some gardening, reading that book you got for Christmas, unleashing your inner artist or even cleaning out your cupboards; now is the perfect time to be productive! Stick on some upbeat music or your favourite film in the background and check it off your list (you’ll feel much better afterwards, we promise).

Take a Moment for Yourself

Amidst self-isolation and the constantly gloomy news reports, it’s super important to take care of your mind, as well as your body. What calms and relaxes you? Get that long lie in you’ve been craving, have a good old pamper session or finally watch that series on Netflix everyone is talking about; make this time about you.

Keep up your Fitness Routine

Just because many off you may be house bound at the moment, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your usual fitness routine. There are plenty of home workout’s online and in your app store to keep on top of your physical health and mental well-being. Turn your lounge into a gym and try a free home workout session on YouTube with the other members of your household – we guarantee you’ll have a laugh!

Getting outside is a fantastic mood booster and providing you head to local areas and adhere to the guidance on social distancing, you can still enjoy nature this spring.

Happy Children, Happy Home

With a lot of children now staying home from school, parents are worried about how to keep them up to date with their education (let alone keeping them entertained and maintaining your own sanity!) However, stressing over home schooling can have a negative impact on your kids and make them stressed themselves. Most Children find that a schedule is beneficial for keeping things in line and will also allow them to separate different times of the day with different kinds of activities which is vital.

There are lots of other ways to keep them busy at home as well, try turning your efforts to simply spending time together. Bake, paint, build a fort, watch films under a blanket, look through old photographs and read as much as you have time for. Self-isolation is a unique opportunity to spend quality time with your children; connecting with each other and making memories they will most likely value far more than being in school!

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