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Natural ways to boost libido and increase sexual wellness for women

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In the past few years, our sex lives have undergone a huge shift due to how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. Now more than ever, it's important to understand how sexual health can play into our overall well-being.

Sexual activity could actually increase our immunity, reduce stress, and improve psychological health and cognitive function [i].

But since the pandemic, numerous studies have highlighted how there is an increased rate of sexual dysfunctions, especially in women. One particular study highlighted how 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual dysfunctions [ii].

The pandemic has also impacted our sex lives due to social distancing, enduring isolation, and lockdowns, not to mention the symptoms that come from long-COVID such as fatigue [i].

Another area of concern is the increasing levels of stress in our society, with reports stating that levels have reached a two-year high. Stress can also result in negative impacts on female libido, given that this can activate our body's fight or flight system and reduce sex drive [vii].

You can read our full blog post on how stress can wreak havoc on libido, sexual wellness and overall body health here.

Ways to Improve Sexual Health

Despite the issues caused as a result of the pandemic, there are natural remedies that can make a significant impact on our overall wellbeing and sexual health.

With this rise in sexual dysfunction, it’s important to draw attention to the results of certain clinical trial. One particular controlled trial into the supplementation of vitamin D showed that there could be an improvement in sexual function [v].

The potential benefits of vitamin D stretch beyond just that though, as additional studies cite that this ingredient can improve fertility and conception levels [vi].

Natural ingredients outside vitamin D have the ability to affect more than just libido and fertility when it comes to sexual wellness too. Studies that looked into the supplementation of inositol found that this powerful ingredient could re-establish the menstrual cycle and ovulation, alongside regulating hormone balance [viii] (you can read more about the ground-breaking health benefits of inositol here).

5-HTP is linked to being a positive precursor to the production of serotonin, which when out of balance, can result in sexual dysfunction [iii] [iv]. Additional studies also highlight how this ingredient can positively influence mental health and sleep, which can be contributing factors to poor sexual health [ix] [x].

Fatigue can also result in disruptions to our sex lives, especially as this can be related to symptoms of long-COVID. Vitamin C and B12 could act as a counter to fatigue and tiredness too [xi] [xii] [xiii].

Two additional ingredients to take note of are zinc and iron, as they can also play a role in increasing energy levels, whilst also improving blood flow, enhancing cognitive function and positively impacting metabolism [xiv], all of which can support positive sexual wellness.

How to Add These to Your Diet

You can incorporate all of the above ingredients into your diet through our new Her Sexual Health Stack, which combines seven scientifically-backed ingredients into one delicious gummy vitamin.

Her Sexual Health Stack has been meticulously formulated, with a natural blend of scientifically backed nutrients to help improve fertility and support hormone balance.

Combining powerful nourishments in ‘Her Sexual Health Stack’, Inositol and Vegan Vitamin D3 are just some of the extraordinary ingredients that can help to support your overall sexual wellness.

We have also published a blog focusing on sexual wellness for men and more information about our new His Sexual Wellness Stack. You can read more about this on the link here.

Want to Learn More?

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