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Nourished’s Vitamin D3 Gummies vs Pills

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Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient, which studies have shown can help to support the normal function of the immune system whilst other clinical trials have shown how it may help increase T Cell count, which is linked to boosting your immune system.

During the colder and darker autumn and winter months, our bodies tend to have insufficient vitamin D levels , with NHS England recommending that adults in the UK should supplement this vitamin during these seasons. Additional scientific findings have also demonstrated how vitamin D3 can help to contribute towards the maintenance of normal muscle function, normal teeth & bones, and contribute to normal blood calcium levels.

Usually, vitamin D3 is sourced by using the fat of lambswool, however, here at Nourished, we use an ethically sourced and vegan form of D3 made from algae and a lichen fungus species, which grow in the northern parts of Canada. This provides all of the potential health benefits without harming the planet.   

You can read some of the additional potential health benefits of Vitamin D here

Pills vs Gummies:

Efficacy and Supply Chain 

But being vegan isn't the only difference between our source of vitamin D3 at Nourished, compared to other alternatives. Thanks to our patented 3D-printing food technology and encapsulation process, we can freshly personalise and make all of our stacks on demand. This not only results in a delicious-tasting stack with a satisfying texture but also one which contains ingredients with up to 99.5% efficacy. 

When compared with mass-manufactured Vitamin D supplements, there are other negative impacts to consider; 

  • The ingredients can be less effective for your body due to the fact they are made using longer supply chains. The older pills and gummies are, the more efficacy they will lose as they begin to break down over time.
  • They can be worse for the environment due to an increase in wastage as products don’t get sold/consumed before their expiry dates. They are also often packaged in plastic packaging.

We have written another blog post which goes more in-depth about this topic which you can read here.

Elo Health Pilot Study: Nourished Gummies vs Pills

Recently, Elo Health, a pioneering smart nutrition company from the United States who we have partnered with, conducted research on our stacks. This pilot study tested if consuming Nourished Vitamin D3 in our gummy format could be absorbed as well as a traditional pill. 

In this study, participants with varying low baseline levels of vitamin D were divided into two groups: one receiving Nourished gummies (intervention) containing personalised concentrations of vitamin D3 and the other taking soft vitamin D gel pills (control). The participants were closely monitored throughout the study through regular surveys. 

The intervention group was made up of 39 subjects, and both intervention and control groups provided blood samples before the commencement of the study and after completing the 12-week course. A subgroup of participants underwent an additional vitamin D assessment using a venipuncture blood test before and after the study to validate the finger prick results too.

Throughout the 12-week study duration, the intervention group consumed one Nourished stack containing vitamin D3 daily, while the control group took one soft gel vitamin D pill daily.

After 12 weeks, it was found that Nourished gummies were effective in raising vitamin D levels. Participants in the Stack intervention group were more consistent in taking their daily dosage than those taking pills, with 78% sticking to the regimen. Additionally, the Nourished gummy Stack was rated as 63% more enjoyable to consume compared to the pills.

One particular participant was quoted as saying: “I enjoy and look forward to having my Smart Gummy compared to the pills, which are much harder to take.”

Outside of the study conducted by Elo Health, an additional study also looked into absorption levels of gummies compared to pills and found that gummies could be more effective in being absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and make for a more optimal solution for those who struggle to take traditional pills.


Whether you are looking for ways to boost your vitamin D levels, aid healthy bones, improve immunity or sleep, you can take our quick and easy quiz right now on our website and we will recommend a unique stack of 7 scientifically-backed ingredients just for you.

With millions of potential different stack combinations, you can also create your own gummy from our Lab, which will then be freshly 3D-printed by Nourished and delivered directly to your door.

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