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Nourishing your Mental Health

Nourishing your Mental Health

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Whilst the threat to our physical health is a constant concern, there is also a risk to our mental well being. At Nourished we know how important it is to care for our mental health - so we have compiled some tips and tools to help you manage your mood and get some zen in your life and home.


It is scientifically proven that exercise can help with anxiety, sleep deprivation and mood swings. Take advantage of the government’s recommendation to venture outside for one hour a day and use it to walk, jog or cycle in your local area. Not only will getting away from your home surroundings be a welcome escape; the participation in aerobic exercise will help to relieve tension, reduce fatigue, and lift your spirits. Plus it means you could emerge from this a more sculpted and fitter version of your former self!

Keep a Diary

Writing down your thoughts and feelings during this challenging time can be a great way to get to the bottom of your anxiety and help you to overcome it. Studies have shown that whether you write once a day, once a week or once a month; keeping a journal can help to understand your current state of mind and work through to improve it. It can also be an enjoyable and creative activity and will be fascinating to read back in years to come!

Keep in Touch

We are all feeling the effects of not seeing our loved ones and feeling distanced can add to our sense of loneliness and unease, so it is super important to keep in touch with family and friends as much as possible. Face time and conference calls are a great way to see each other, catch up and stay connected. Make sure to also check in on those in our families and social circles we know might be struggling right now; a quick text can go a long way.

Switch Off

Whilst it is vital to stay up to date with the latest updates and government guidelines to ensure we are keeping as safe as possible; being overly exposed to the news and social media can be overwhelming. If you are feeling it’s all a bit too much, limit yourself to watching the news for half an hour in the evening and reducing your social media usage. Constant exposure to negativity can undoubtedly have a negative effect on our mental health, and so regulating that exposure can be beneficial.

Natural Mood Boosters

Certain super foods and vitamins have been known to help combat stress, anxiety and depression. Active ingredients such as Ashwaganhda, Maca Powder and Ginseng have a huge range of benefits, including helping to support cognitive function, reduce stress and improve energy levels. Vitamins such as B12 and Vitamin D are also widely considered to help mood regulation and reduce fatigue. Adding natural aids such as these to your nutrition regime during this difficult time can help you to feel more yourself and get a bit of normality back in your life.

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