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The Benefits of Beta Glucan.

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When it comes to supporting the rest of the body, few systems matter quite as much as the two cores: your digestive system and your heart health. Beta Glucan is a little known ingredient that could help with both, reducing your risk of chronic heart conditions while also ensuring the healthy gut environment that improves your immune system. Let’s take a closer look at Beta Glucan, how it can help, and how Nourished can help you find it.

What is Beta Glucan?

While not widely known, Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber found in a variety of grains and yeasts. This naturally occurring large molecule is not absorbed directly through the digestive process, but rather it slows down food transit, which means the body takes longer to digest food, which can lend to a range of benefits.

Beta Glucan supplements are widely used for treating high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDs, high blood pressure, canker sores, and to increase the immune system of those who have a weakened system thanks to issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Beta glucan is also widely found in medicines taken for colds, flu, respiratory tract infections, and other illnesses.

Other natural sources of beta glucan are oats, barley, certain mushrooms (such as shiitake), yeasts, seaweed, and algae.

What are the Benefits of Beta Glucan? 

Enhancing your heart health: As mentioned, beta glucan slows food transit through the digestive system. This has a range of factors, including slowing the absorption of sugar, which can help to regulate blood sugar levels. Beta glucan has also been shown to help lower cholesterol levels as well as to lower blood pressure. As a result, it’s a common ingredient in heart healthy foods that are known to reduce the risks of both heart attacks and cardiovascular disease.

Stimulates your immune system: Gut health and the immune system are very closely linked. For instance, we know that a healthy gut flora mix improves the production of antibodies used to fight disease. Some research suggests that beta glucan could play a role in that process but stimulating the immune system. This could help us respond more quickly and effectively to diseases and infections, preventing us from getting sick.

Reduces complications of chronic diseases: Some research has also shown that beta glucan may be able to help protect against some of the complications of diabetes thanks to its effects on blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and managing blood pressure. There is also some evidence to suggest that beta glucan could even play a role in activating the T-cells and other natural killer cells that fight cancer, but there needs to be more research to figure out the precise role beta glucans play in this mechanism.

Are you getting the beta glucan your immune system needs?

The 100mg of Beta Glucan in Nourished’s Inner Defence stack is part of a perfect blend of ingredients that can help protect, reinforce, and enhance your immune system, alongside vitamin C, Lactospore antibiotics and more. You can also create your own customised blend of active ingredients, including beta glucan, by completing our short lifestyle quiz!

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