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The Benefits of Iron.

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For years, health experts and gurus have highlighted the benefits of having sufficient iron in your diet to keep you healthy. Iron is one of the most interesting (and often misunderstood!) minerals we must consume.

Interestingly, there are differences in how much you need based on age and gender. Premenopausal women should get around 16 to 18 mg/day, while postmenopausal women and most men only require about 8 mg/day.

Data suggests that most women don’t get enough iron which can lead to a lack of energy and listlessness. Part of this has to do with diet, but part of it also comes down to food choices. If your iron comes from plants, your body doesn’t always absorb what you need. For this reason, many people choose to consume iron in its most bioavailable form in our Nourished stacks, making sure that they offer sufficient quantities of the mineral to support good health.

So, what are the benefits of Iron?

It can treat and prevent Anaemia.

If you don’t have sufficient iron in your body, your red blood cells can’t create enough haemoglobin to transport oxygen around your body, leaving you feeling tired and listless. Adding supplemental iron to your diet, therefore, can fight the symptoms of the condition (which include weakness, fatigue, and dizziness), and return you to health.

Increasing strength with key Iron sources.

Popeye ate a lot of spinach because he believed that the iron it contained gave him super strength. Interestingly, there’s some truth to this story. Investigators have found that people with low iron levels in their blood can experience premature muscle loss and wastage - a severe condition that can lead to frailty in later life.

Keeping your immunity strong.

Those living with a persistent iron deficiency also have weaker immune systems than their non-deficient peers, according to research. Again it comes back to haemoglobin levels. When iron levels are low, the circulatory system cannot deliver sufficient oxygen to damaged or infected tissues, compromising the performance of immune cells.

Supports concentration and brain function.

If you find it difficult to concentrate sometimes, that too could be because you’re running low on iron. When the iron levels in the blood drop, so does your ability concentrate, almost immediately. Hence, a lot of people with iron deficiency find it challenging to focus on the task at hand.

Boosting low energy levels.

Low energy levels are a chronic problem in our society, but again, iron might be able to help, especially in women in their reproductive years. Higher iron levels improve blood oxygenation, delivering more nutrients to tissues around the body, including the brain.

Ensuring you are getting enough Iron in your diet.

If you’re eating a healthy, plant-based diet, but want to get more iron, then check out our Plant-based Power stack. It offers 12mg of iron per serving - the same amount you’d get in a giant 500g bag of spinach.

Plus, the Plant-based Power stack comes with a range of other critical supportive nutrients for those on a plant-based diet, including zinc, vegan-friendly vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 - a necessary nutrient for brain and nervous system health.

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