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The ultimate in personalisation: your health.

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There's a huge amount of options available to us as consumers continues to grow, and we’re no longer satisfied with off-the-shelf default options for our everyday needs. We want custom, personalised products that are uniquely right for us.

What was the last thing you personalised?

A new pair of glasses or contact lenses?

Your lunchtime sandwich order?

Your iced cinnamon vanilla latte with whipped cream and an extra shot?

But if we’re ready to part with our hard-earned money for such personalised shoes and drinks, why don’t we tailor our healthcare to the same extent?

The truth is, we’re only just getting started with the possibilities of customised health solutions. Let’s have a look at what personalisation can do for you.

The world of personalised health

Firstly, let’s consider medicine. The entire field of medicine is based on increasingly personalised processes. You might visit your GP complaining of a headache and be given a prescription for a painkiller, just like anyone else.

But the skill of your doctor extends much further than that. With more in-depth diagnostic processes, they can find out which part of your head hurts, what lifestyle factors might be contributing to it, and where the source of the problem might be. You could then be given a prescription specifically for allergy-related headaches, for example. Or if that’s too simple, you’ll be referred to a specialist who eventually diagnoses you with a condition that needs four different medications, and two surgical procedures.

The whole process of discovering what ails your body and your specific remedy is what underpins the amazing utility of modern medicine. Whether it’s through practitioner knowledge or technological ability, the range of options available to you is massive.

It’s a shame we wait until there’s a problem to cure before looking at personalisation options. Preventative efforts, like taking care of health and wellbeing, can be made much more effective by customising them to the exact body they’re done for - which is something we strongly believe in.

Customising fitness, and clothes that fit

Let’s look at a related field that we’re passionate about: fitness.

This might be a familiar sight: a group of after-work fitness fanatics in a public park, being yelled at by a gruff-looking former military man, squeezing out as many push-ups as they can in a minute.

While this is obviously healthier than sitting on the couch watching TV, the group gets the same instructions, no matter what their body type. It certainly gets the heart racing, but is it the ideal workout for their specific needs? Perhaps not.

That’s why personal trainers are so popular.

Firstly, for the extra motivation: if you’ve invested in their services, you’re more likely to turn up for the sessions. But it’s not just that - the fact that they can utilise their expertise and perform a number of fitness diagnostics means their advice is going to be so much more useful to you. It can be customised to your fitness level, anatomical make-up, and specific fitness goals. And along the way, you’ll have progression to stop you getting bored, and supervision to make sure you’re doing things right without risking injury.

Personalisation is part of modern life

What else do we routinely customise?

How about fitness products? Higher-end fitness shops often have treadmills with cameras pointed at your feet, so runners’ gaits can be analysed in slow-motion to see how their stride is balanced, and where on the foot that weight is being distributed. They can then offer customised running shoes to make up for imbalances, and offer support where the foot needs extra reinforcements.

Clothes, too, of course.

If you’re buying a suit for a friend’s wedding or an important job interview, getting it tailored is a must. Unless you’re really stuck with budget constraints, the extra expense to have an expert measure the key parts of your body composition is going to be worth it. It’s the difference between sagging shoulders & drooping cuffs, and sharply-cut sleeves & defined lines. No matter what condition your body is in, having well-fitting clothes will make you feel a hundred times better.

Everyday shoes, of course, are prone for customisation, and it’s common sense to make sure to buy a bra that fits properly if it’s something you’ll be wearing every day. Glasses are the most obviously customised consumer object. People are willing to routinely endure a gauntlet of tests to find the exact prescription for their glasses.

Your eyesight is massively important, of course, and you’re right to demand the most accurate setup for your vision. But your metabolism, bones and muscles are all critical to getting through daily life comfortably, so why not keep them in the most optimal condition possible?

Personalised stacks

Nourish3D stacks are custom made for you, based on a detailed consideration of your physical circumstances and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to save time and effort by not worrying about which supplements to buy each month, or just want peace of mind that you’re treating your body to the optimal mix of nutrients it needs for peak performance, a personalised stack of Nourishm3nts is your best option.

With sustainable, plastic-free packaging and completely UK-based manufacturing process, Nourish3D is good for both you and the environment. Did we mention each batch is freshly made to order, avoiding the loss of efficacy most supplements have from sitting on shelves for months? Head to [start page] to find your ideal nutrient combination.

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