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Top tips for picky eaters

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Here at Nourished, we know that making sure your little ones get all the nutrients they need is no mean feat. Whether it’s an aversion to veggies, fear of fruit or if their menu consists only of chips and beans…. we feel your pain.

So what can we do as parents to help our little picky eaters?

Take the pressure off

Would you enjoy someone watching over you as you ate your dinner? Thought not! The same goes for kids – by hovering and keeping a beady eye on every bite taken, you may actually be adding more pressure to an already stressful situation. Try to take a more laid back approach if you can, and you might just find there’s less leftovers on the plate post tea time.

Get creative

Look, no one’s saying you have to spend hours over the stove each night. There’s super simple things you can do to make food more fun – try cutting sandwiches and fruit into fun shapes, get the kids involved with the meal prep, or let them choose a new recipe they’d like to try – whatever works for your little ones!

Don’t reward an empty plate with pudding

This might sound counterproductive – surely a sweet treat after dinner to say well done for cleaning their plate can’t hurt?! This can encourage eating when not hungry, and also could make your child start to categorise food – “nice foods”, like pudding, that you get as a reward for eating “nasty foods”…. like what you just served up for dinner! There’s nothing wrong with a dessert after dinner, just make sure it’s not given as a reward.

If all else fails – hide those veggies!

If you’re at the end of your tether and just want your kids to eat SOMETHING nutritious, you can always get sneaky. Spaghetti Bolognese is the perfect partner in crime to hide diced carrots, grated courgette, or minced mushrooms, and a lovely layer of mash on top of a shepherd’s pie can hide a whole range of veg.

At Nourished, we know it’s not just meal times that can cause us problems as parents - getting the kids to take their vitamins each morning can be a nightmare too! That’s why we’ve introduced Nourished Kids – the world’s first 3D printed, personalized gummy for kids.

The Nourished Kids stacks are not only personalized to your child’s nutritional needs, but there’s three tasty flavours to choose from too – blackcurrant, orange or strawberry – as well as a sweet or sour sugar-free flavor, depending on what tickles your child’s taste buds!

We know what goes into your kids bodies is incredibly important, which is why we’ve made sure that every Nourished Kids stack is none GMO, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and uses no artificial flavours or colours – absolutely no nasties, just Nourishment!

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