Curcuma longa & Black Pepper Extract.

This super-functioning combination has been designed to enhance the effects of its antioxidant properties. It has also been shown to be one of the most bioavailable forms of curcumin (also known as Turmeric), which studies have shown it may provide support for healthy joints whilst maintaining bone health.

  • Anti-oxidant Properties

    Anti-oxidant Properties

  • Bone Health

    Bone Health

  • Digestive


Plastic free
Sugar free

Benefits of HydroCurc™ & Black Pepper Extract

An impressive study has shown how supplementation of HydroCurc may attenuate exercise-induced oxidative stress, by increasing blood antioxidant capacity. Hydrocurc may also help to maintain natural digestive functions.


Joints, bone health, anti-oxidant & digestion

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