Vegan Vita-algae D3™.

An well-known nutrient essential, studies have shown how vitamin D3 can help to support normal function of the immune system. Impressive scientific findings have also demonstrated how vitamin D3 can also help contribute towards the maintenance of normal muscle function and normal bones.

  • Bone Health

    Bone Health

  • Immunity


  • Muscle Function

    Muscle Function

Plastic free
Sugar free

Benefits of Vegan Vita-algae D3™

Our Vita-algae D3 is an essential nutrient that can help to support the immune system. Most vitamin D products come from a type of grease called wool yolk, which is made by wool-bearing animals, but at Nourished, our Vita-Algea D3 is Vegan approved. It is sourced from a mixture of algae and lichen fungus species which grow in the northern most parts of Canada.


Immune system and increased T Cell count support, bones, teeth & muscle function

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