Inner Defence One Week Box

Inner Defence One Week Box

Carefully formulated with your body's natural defences in mind, our 'Inner Defence' blend will help to keep your immune system fighting fit. Each 'One Week' box contains 7 high impact gummy vitamins, packed with nutrients, vitamins and superfoods.

  • Naturally supports normal immune function
  • Supports gut health & digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects against free radicals & foreign toxins


3 months for $149.99 (save 17%) Delivered every 3 months


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  • Naturally supports normal immune function
  • Supports gut health & digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects against free radicals & foreign toxins

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Plastic free
Sugar free

In each stack.

LactoSpore® Probiotic
Ginger Extract
Vegan Vita-algae D3™
Vitamin C
K2 Vital Delta™
Nutritional Info

Why Nourished Inner Defence?

Helping to maintain the strength of your immune system, naturally.

What makes our Nourished stacks so popular? All of our quality ingredients have a high absorption rate, which means our nutrient density is 99.5% higher than standard isolated tablets. You get all the vitamins, minerals and supplements your body needs, faster and more efficiently, in one vegan friendly, sugar free gummy.

Our Inner Defence stacks are proving increasingly popular due to their high impact and extensively researched active ingredients, proven to help fortify the bodies natural immunity defences.

At Nourished HQ, we are doing everything we can to help keep our nation nourished and immune systems as strong as possible during these unnerving times. We believe that prevention is better than cure and that the key to good health is a strong immune system.

Conveniently delivered directly to your door, our Inner Defence boxes contain 7 edible stacks per box.

Beta Glucan. A respiratory hero.

While not widely known, Beta Glucan has been shown to be extremely powerful in helping to maintain the strength of the immune system, with especially beneficial effects in respect to the respiratory system. Helping to build protective barriers, Beta Glucan lends a helping hand to your body's natural defences.

High impact ingredients for maximum support

We work with some pretty impressive, high impact ingredients here at Nourished, and with our nutrient density significantly higher than standard isolated tablets, our stacks have maximum bioavailability and high absorption for better impact to support your immunity faster.

Try to take it easy.

We know that sometimes it’s easier said than done, but stress can dramatically lower the functionality of your immune system by raising the cortisol in your blood. Therefore, giving yourself a helping hand through nourishment and pursuing things that you find really relax and take your mind off things are equally as important.

Sugar free

Our gummy vitamins are totally sugar-free. Their delicious sweet taste and sugar-like flavors come from the natural sweetener found in fruits!


At Nourished, we pride ourselves on a ‘No Nasties, Non-GMO’ approach when it comes to our gummy stacks.

100% plant based

All of our ingredients & gummy vitamins are 100% plant based and naturally vegan & vegetarian friendly

Not only do you feel the positive effects, you feel part of the future. It's convenience, quality and 'nourishment' at it's best. When taking one of your daily doses, you admire the fact that this product has been created by technology 'of the future'. I love innovation, but most importantly, you feel the effects of this product.

West Midlands, UK

Just what I needed! Quick delivery, great product. Very happy so far and will be continuing to purchase. I’ve definitely got more energy in the mornings so seems a win for me.

Manchester, UK

First of all they have an amazing customer service, my experience with NOURISHED is being great definitely I can feel the difference, the perfect combination of nutrients to help me with my diet requirements and sport performance...!

Slough, UK

I saw this company advertising at a health/food show earlier in the year . I’ve been very excited waiting for them to bring their products to market . What a super amazing concept. Totally personalised supplements all in one little tasty chewable package . No more need to take numerous supplements every day or even out for the day or on holiday . This has made life so much easier.

Bath, UK

Personalized nutrient gummies. Designed by you, freshly made by us.

We'll recommend a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.