Nourished Advent Calendar


Give the gift of wellness this season.

We’ve lovingly chosen a careful selection of ‘Life Stack’ blends that will help support you or your loved ones health this holiday.

  • Contains x4 Life Stacks and x1 gift card.
  • Sugar-free, vegan and non-GMO gummy vitamins.

Worth $140

Save $70


Plastic free
Sugar free

What’s inside?

Our special edition Nourished Advent Calendar contains a four-week combination of Life Stack blends to help keep you Nourished throughout the holidays. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a special moment each day. Worth $140, our exclusive one-of-a-kind advent calendar is packed with care & nourishments!

Inner Defence Nutrients
High Flyer Nutrients
Inner Peace Nutrients
Party Proofed Nutrients
Nourished Personalized Gift
Nutritional Info

Stacked & wrapped, just for you

Gift some goodness to yourself or your loved ones, with the most Nourishing Advent Calendar you’ll find this festive season! Our delicious Nourished stacks are personalised gummy super nutrients that are non-GMO, vegan, sugar-free and have a 99.5% higher nutritional density than standard isolated tablets.

Lovingly curated by our team here at Nourished and designed to help support your health and wellbeing throughout the holidays, our special edition Advent Calendar comes with a thoughtfully selected mix of Life Stacks and an exclusive gift card bonus.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and at Nourished we wanted to do all we can to help make yours stacked full of good health, love and laughter.


Our much anticipated, limited edition gift will be freshly made-to-order and 3D printed on demand. To ensure you receive your exclusive Nourished Advent Calendar in time for 1st December, our cut off for last orders is 15th November. Orders placed after this date will not be guaranteed delivery before the beginning of December.

Sugar free

Our gummy vitamins are totally sugar-free. Their delicious sweet taste and sugar-like flavors come from the natural sweetener found in fruits!


At Nourished, we pride ourselves on a ‘No Nasties, Non-GMO’ approach when it comes to our gummy stacks.

100% plant based

All of our ingredients & gummy vitamins are 100% plant based and naturally vegan & vegetarian friendly

Not only do you feel the positive effects, you feel part of the future. It's convenience, quality and 'nourishment' at it's best. When taking one of your daily doses, you admire the fact that this product has been created by technology 'of the future'. I love innovation, but most importantly, you feel the effects of this product.

West Midlands, UK

Just what I needed! Quick delivery, great product. Very happy so far and will be continuing to purchase. I’ve definitely got more energy in the mornings so seems a win for me.

Manchester, UK

First of all they have an amazing customer service, my experience with NOURISHED is being great definitely I can feel the difference, the perfect combination of nutrients to help me with my diet requirements and sport performance...!

Slough, UK

I saw this company advertising at a health/food show earlier in the year . I’ve been very excited waiting for them to bring their products to market . What a super amazing concept. Totally personalised supplements all in one little tasty chewable package . No more need to take numerous supplements every day or even out for the day or on holiday . This has made life so much easier.

Bath, UK