Lutemax 2020

Lutemax 2020.

Studies have shown that Lutemax 2020 can play a key role in aiding the maintenance of healthy eyes, whilst also helping to improve visual performance. Naturally derived from marigold flowers, Lutemax 2020 offers an array of additional health benefits, which include supporting cognitive function, promoting healthy-looking skin and acting as a stress reliever to help regulate mood levels.

  • Brain & Mind

    Brain & Mind

  • Eye Health

    Eye Health

  • Hair, Skin & Nails

    Hair, Skin & Nails

Plastic free
Sugar free

Benefits of Lutemax 2020

This clinically backed and award-winning extract has gained significant attention due to its ability to help enhance eye health and cognitive function, whilst supporting maintenance of healthy-looking skin. Studies indicate that Lutemax 2020 can deliver a combination of the serum lutein and zeaxanthin which target core health benefits around sleep and eye health, especially with aiding contrast sensitivity, photo-stress recovery and disability glare thresholds [ii]. Lutemax 2020 also offers some powerful stress-fighting benefits and mood support by reducing serum cortisol and symptoms of suboptimal emotional and physical health.


Eye Health, Stress Management & Improved Sleep Quality

Protects Against:

Blue Light Damage, Macular Degeneration & Stress


Mild Green Tea

Milligram per serving:


Percentage of NRV per serving:


*Combat the damaging effects of blue light within 12 weeks.

A study has shown how Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) can be improved within as little as 12-weeks when taking Lutemax 2020, a component that reduces the damaging effects of blue light whilst offering a variety of protective benefits for the eye. Macular Pigment (MP) acts as the eye's internal sunglasses and the denser the MP the more protection the eye has [i].

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