White Kidney Bean Extract.

Studies have shown how this impressive ingredient may help to regulate metabolic health. Clinical trials have also shown how white kidney bean may also potentially help to support weight management.

  • Digestive


  • Energy


  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

Plastic free
Sugar free

Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract

Scientific findings have demonstrated how white kidney bean may support energy balance as well as digestion by acting as a starch blocker which may also promote weight loss. White kidney bean does this by breaking down complex carbohydrates (CHO), limiting their immediate gastrointestinal absorption.


Weight maintenance, energy balance & digestion

Tastes of:

wild strawberry

Milligram per serving:


Percentage of NRV per serving:


Powered by science.

Here at Nourished, we’re passionate about the science behind each stack. Here are just a couple of the scientific studies supporting our work...

Research & studies

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