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New research reveals attitudes to lockdown weight gain

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New research has revealed that over half[i] of Brits have gained a stone or more since lockdown began. At Nourished, we’re really not here for the cries of “quarantine 15” or the lockdown weight gain shaming – if you’ve put on some pounds, rest assured that you are not alone.

Why the weight gain?

The lockdowns have had a huge impact on both mental and physical health, with 1 in 3 putting their weight gain down to increased stress and anxiety, over a third of us feeling an utter lack of motivation, and almost a fifth of us reaching for those all too tempting takeaways.

Stress and anxiety often come hand-in-hand with eating habits as we take comfort in familiar foods while the world looks totally unrecognisable – in fact, the past year has left over half of us seeking comfort from food.

Further restrictions such as the closing of gyms have impacted our fitness routines too, with 21% attributing their weight gain to this and 43% finding home exercise sessions not as effective as gym workouts.

New habits formed

The good news is that 2 in 5 (41%) of those we spoke to said they had been prioritising their health more since the pandemic. As a result, over a third have taken up a new form of exercise, with a huge 61% of the nation becoming avid walkers to help keep fit!

The recent announcements from the UK government about easing lockdown restrictions have now become a key driver for Brits, the research has revealed – almost half are planning to shape up as lockdown eases. So, are you looking to shape up? Life is stressful enough, so ease up the pressure on yourself, try to block out any negative outside influences, and concentrate on feeling your best - focus on your overall health and nutrition with the Nourished Shape Up Stack, rather than stepping on the scales every morning and making yourself feel bad.

What’s in our latest stack that can help you shape up?

Apple Cider Vinegar: contains natural acids and enzymes which can help to reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness[ii], studies have shown that those who take Apple Cider Vinegar experience better weight management than those who do not.[iii] Apple Cider Vinegar also contains natural pectin, a soluble fibre that acts as a prebiotic in the gut, helping to support the growth of beneficial bacteria. [iv]

White Kidney Bean Extract: has been shown to support calorie blocking by preventing the absorption of starches which can result in weight loss.[v] [vi]

Lactospore Probiotic: a combination of live bacteria and yeasts which studies have shown have benefits to help support both gut health and the immune system.[vii] [viii]

Vegan Vitae-algae D3™: supports immunity, aids mood regulation, and helps to support cognitive function and nervous systems.

Vitamin B12: increases energy levels, helps regulate moods and reduce stress, and helps to improve sleep.

Folic Acid: has been shown in studies to help the body to product healthy red blood cells whilst supporting the immune system.[ix] [x]

The brand new Shape Up Stack has been carefully formulated to help you get into whatever shape YOU want to. Whatever your goal is, that’s down to you – we’re here to give a helping hand if that goal is to shape up.


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